Farmer's Market booth

Farmer's Market Booth

This past Sunday was the first Sunday of August, which means there were several new things going on at the dojo.  This was the first week of the Tenshin-kai booth at the Westchester Farmer’s Market. We had flyers, posters and hand-outs for the kids, and showed videos of karate and tai chi training.  Special thanks to Shihandai, Saidoin, Shidoin, Manager Joe, Yuuki and everyone who helped out.  Look for us at 87th Street every Sunday.

This week was also the first week of the Sunday adult karate class starting at 11:10am, and the adults being joined by Take and Ume students at 11:50am for special training with Kancho.  This was a unique opportunity for the younger students to see how the adults train, and learn some new techniques not covered in kids’ karate.  These sessions will be on-going, so please consider coming to the dojo for this special training.