Grandmaster Hirakawa has an extensive knowledge of the martial arts, including dan rankings in Karate, Aikido, Judo, Iaido and weaponry.  His studies in the martial arts span half a century and include over 40 years of practicing and teaching in the United States.  After receiving certification as a Taichi master, Grandmaster Hirakawa founded Tenshin-kai in 1994.

As the creator and founder of Tenshin-kai karate, we refer to Grandmaster Hirakawa as “Kancho,” meaning “head of the style.”



Old Japanese Saying of the Heart:

No matter how long you have been a student, never forget the feeling you had the first time you entered the dojo.  Remember to always be sincere and disciplined in your practice.  Always be as humble as you were when you first began.



Hitotsu, Kyojin na karada o tsukuru beshi.
We must make a strong body.
Hitotsu, tadashi waza o shuren suru beshi.
We must practice the correct techniques
Hitotsu, sunao na kokoro o yashinau beshi.
We must develop a sincere heart/mind/spirit.