Tenshin-Kai is a unique blend of traditional Japanese Karate and Taichi. One’s inner power or “Chi” is used in addition to physical strength. As a person gets older, the body starts to lose its strength and flexibility. The use of Chi enables a person to become stronger even as they age.

The classes emphasize kihon (basics), kata (forms) and controlled kumite (sparring).


SEMINARS, SPECIAL TRAINING AND SUMMER CAMP: Throughout the year, Tenshin-Kai holds one day seminars in Taichi and Karate. This helps members get more intensive training with senior students, instructors and the Grandmaster.

Special training clasees are offered to senior students. These claseses will allow them to hone their skills and learn more advanced techniques.

ANNUAL JAPAN TRAINING: Each year the Grandmaster brings students to Japan for special training. They are able to build their bodies, minds and spirits while training in a beautiful, serene setting on the grounds of Saikyouji Buddhist Temple.

New friendships are formed and old ones are renewed. Members from the US and Japan get the opportunity to train together and share in this rewarding experience.

After the training portion has been completed, members take a trip to Kyoto. They explore the city, go sightseeing or shopping and try new foods in the city that was the capital of Japan during the Feudal Era.



Hitotsu, Kyojin na karada o tsukuru beshi.
We must make a strong body.
Hitotsu, tadashi waza o shuren suru beshi.
We must practice the correct techniques
Hitotsu, sunao na kokoro o yashinau beshi.
We must develop a sincere heart/mind/spirit.


Junior & Adult Karate Payment Plans

All memberships are for unlimited attendance according to schedule.

One month membership $100.00
Three-month membership ($85/month) $285.00
Six-month membership ($80/month) $540.00
One-year membership ($75/month) $1,020.00
Registration fee $30.00

Payment Policies:

– All monthly fees are due promptly on the first day of the month. Payment in advance is required before a student can attend any classes.

– Absolutely no refunds.

– The month is a calendar month, from the first day to the last; even if a student attends only one class in a month, he or she is still responsible for the full monthly fee.