TAICHI – Santa Monica


Start your day three days a week by joining us in beautiful Palisades Park, Santa Monica for early morning tai chi. This class is open to all — not just students from the dojo.

Taichi Ch’uan, sometimes called meditation in motion, sometimes called Chinese Yoga, originated in China hundreds of years ago. It has been taught throughout the world as exercise, meditation, and martial art.

Taichi is largely known in the west for its health benefits. The practice of Taichi is widely acknowledged for its improvement in the practitioner’s strength, balance and coordination, of the physical self, as well as enhancement of the mind’s powers of concentration, will, and relaxation.

The fluid movement and emphasis on breathing create an environment in the body in which the Chi, or energy, is circulated, leaving the practitioner energized, rather than exhausted at the end of practice.

Palisades Park, Santa Monica
Ocean Ave. at Alta Ave. in Santa Monica.

Conveniently located for people in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Venice. Master Hirakawa and some of his students from the dojo gather at the Park on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:00 AM, to study and practice.

MON, WED, & FRI.  8:00a – 9:00a


Taichi Payment Plans

All memberships are for unlimited attendance according to schedule.

One month membership $100.00
Three-month membership ($85/month) $285.00
Six-month membership ($80/month) $540.00
One-year membership ($75/month) $1,020.00
Registration fee $30.00

Payment Policies:

– All monthly fees are due promptly on the first day of the month. Payment in advance is required before a student can attend any classes.

– Absolutely no refunds.

– The month is a calendar month, from the first day to the last; even if a student attends only one class in a month, he or she is still responsible for the full monthly fee.