This meeting is strongly recommended for anyone thinking of joining
the Spring Japan Seminar 2019

Join members of Tenshin-kai Tai Chi and Karate for their annual trip to Japan. They go to Lake Biwa each year to build their bodies, minds and spirits through training.


The Saikyouji Temple grounds are a beautiful serene setting in which to train and meditate. While at the temple, members sleep on traditional futons and eat Japanese food prepared for them there.

The days of training end with testing and demonstrations. The Japan training and camaraderie amongst the members brings out a sense of accomplishment that cannot compare to any other seminar or test.

taichi_outsideEvery year, new friendships are formed and old ones are renewed. Members from the US and Japan get the opportunity to train together and share in this rewarding experience. This year members from Hombu (main dojo), Axl Dojo branch, Shinsei Dojo branch and Tokyo branch will join guests from other styles of Karate.


After the training portion has been completed, members take a trip to Kyoto. They explore the city, go sightseeing or shopping and try new foods in the city that was once the capital of Japan during the feudal era.


PLEASE BE ADVISED: The main purpose of this trip is the spiritual training of taichi and karate.  The emphasis is not on sightseeing.  Before deciding to come to Japan, please understand the trip is 80% training and 20% sightseeing.  Thank you.

For further details and price information, please call Hombu (main dojo) at (310) 568-9818.