Osu! Just a quick update:

EASTER: Easter Holiday at the dojo will be March 28th – March 31.  There will be no classes on those days.

JUNIORS: As of April 1st, there is no longer a Junior’s Karate class on Saturday mornings. If you are a Junior, see Kancho about joining the Adult Karate class on Saturdays.

2017 Japan Spring Seminar

JAPAN SEMINAR: The 2017 Japan Spring Seminar is March 29th – April 6th, 2017 in Lake Biwa, Japan. Wishing safe travels to everyone going.  Good luck to everyone testing for a new rank.  Please send photos and video!  Osu!

emailMAILING LIST: If you are seeing this on the website, please join the Tenshin-kai mailing list.  Everyone on the mailing list received this information in their Inbox the morning it was posted.  It is a great way to keep up with what’s going on at the dojo.



KIDS’ SEMINAR: We had a great kids’ karate seminar this month.  Lots of young martial artists showed up, worked hard and got some very focused, one-on-one training. They also got to see Kancho demonstrate some wrist locks on Shihandai Ryu (that was fun!).  If you’ve never joined us for a kids’ seminar, you’re missing something special.


KIDS’ EXAMINATION: And, of course, CONGRATULATIONS to all the hard working and focused Matsu, Take and Ume students who were awarded new belt ranks this past weekend.  You truly earned it!  Keep up the good work, and remember: NO DRUGS, NO STREET FIGHTS, RESPECT PARENTS, TEACHERS, FRIENDS!  OSU!